CAB Plans to Host Movie Night


CAB Plans to Entertain Students with Movie Night

The movie, “Remember the Titans” features on Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 in Southeastern’s Student Union Theater.

Originally, The Campus Activities Board (CAB) planned to show the movie in Strawberry Stadium, however due to rain chances, CAB decided to bring the movie inside. CAB has promised to host another film on the field at a later date. Students can vote on which film at

The event idea came from a previous movie night when “Grease” played in one of the campus parking lots.

Mckenzie Toleson, president of CAB, said that even though it was a good event, students were uncomfortable sitting on the cement. She said in preparation for “Remember the Titans,” they planned to have a drawing for students to win blankets so they could be more comfortable, and that Strawberry Stadium is also near accessible restrooms.

CAB also prepared for the night by pairing with another Southeastern organization, MADE Men.

“We pair with MADE Men for several of our events. For this event, MADE Men helped find what movie students wanted to see.”

Other arrangements included permission from The Athletics Department to use Strawberry Stadium, and the option of hosting the movie in the Student Union Theater in case of weather difficulties.

Toleson said CAB spent $410 on the event and didn’t need to spend any more money because they had most of the needed items.

“We already had the giant screen, and we always keep supplies like popcorn and balloons in our office,” she said.

Toleson said to improve preparations for a future movie night, she would plan to hold the event on a day more CAB members could be present.

Southeastern students are able to evaluate CAB events at

The movie night flyer placed in the Student Union for students to get excited for.

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