CAB offers stress relief to students

Donut stress—CAB has it covered!

The Campus Activities Board is introducing a new stress-relief event called “Donut Stress” on Tuesday, Mar. 6, at the Student Union pavilion where students can receive free doughnuts, coffee, scantrons, and more.

“With midterms coming up, we thought it would be a good way to do something for the students,” CAB president McKenzie Tolson said. “It’s a good way to de-stress from school.”

During the event, students will be able to participate in a come and go style treat during which the CAB members will hand out doughnuts to participants, and the students will have the option to get a cup of coffee.

CAB is also offering free scantrons and turns in their massage chair to participants!

“It’s also like a little pick-me-up for the semester,” Tolson said. “We’ll even be giving out little pamphlets with school resources and tips to lessen the stress.”

This is not the first time CAB has hosted a de-stressing event, nor is it the first time they’ve given doughnuts out to students, but Tolson said they are looking forward to the outcome of combining the two.

CAB will pass out these pamphlets during their event

“The idea started with one of our committee members,” she said. “We were thinking of things to do to help students de-stress, and this member came up with the plan and phrase ‘donut stress,’ so we took the idea and ran with it.”

Since the event is a first-time occurrence, vice president of membership Katlyn Daigle said they have not done much advertising for the event.

“We normally see more student traffic on Tuesdays and Wednesdays,” said Daigle, “so we’re not too worried about attendance.”

Though the organization is not heavily promoting the event, the CAB Facebook page has an event set up, and there is an advertisement under the Student Union breezeway.

Tolson and Daigle said they feel like students at the school appreciate the little things and will respond well to this effort.

“We can see it,” Daigle said. “And it seems like the students like small events better,” Tolson added.


As part of the event, students will receive pamphlets with the definition of stress, school resources and tips to manage stress. Some of these resources include talking to academic advisors, student health services and counseling services.

A few of the tips included in the pamphlet are getting a good night’s rest, having positive thoughts and talking to someone if the stress is unmanageable.

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