Bub Tucker II Runs for Mayor of Ponchatoula in Hopes of a “New Wave”

Bub Tucker II, age 39 runs for Ponchatoula City mayor in upcoming elections.

Tucker has been a Ponchatoula resident his whole life and considers himself a “Family Man.” He says that he is different from other candidates running because he has a huge interest in technology, especially in relation to sales. He has been in outside sales for eight years, and has found that to run outside sales, ones has to be able to talk to people and produce efficiency.

His motto for this election is “New Wave.” He explains that we came from a logging town, which brought us into the Civil War era. Then the town moved on to an era of farming, which is where the Strawberry Festival comes from. Now the era of which Ponchatoula is resided under is known as the “Antique City.” Tucker adds that throughout Ponchatoula’s history there has been a new wave industry and economics come into town. He wants to begin a new wave for Ponchatoula if he enters office.

Tucker has also worked roughly two and a half years for New York Life as a financial investor. He says that because of his working experiences, “You don’t ever want to take out completely the old way of thinking, but what you want to do is twist it with a new way of thinking and figure out how you can do it more efficient.”

In relation to efficiency, Tucker strongly believes in teamwork. He does not believe in the division of political parties. “I think at the end of the day, is getting people to work together. I am an Independent Party Unaffiliated. I don’t understand why we all reside underneath the American flag and [are] considered Americans, why are we divided by party lines,”

Tucker announces. He does not think that being a member of a certain party has certain influence on the voters, but for some traditionalists, they may just stick to their party lines.

Tucker says that the hardest part for him so far in his candidacy is, “Getting people from both sides to sit down and discuss things.”

He has gotten to speak with a variety of people throughout the community. He says that “When you take the time to sit talk to people, you really find out what the fabric and the makeup of your town is.”

 He said that his view has not changes at all of the constituents since he has met so many of them through this experience. Tucker describes running for mayor as a “Humbling Experience.” Every day is a new day, every day is a new story from a constituent,” he says. The biggest thing that Tucke says about this process is that “You find out your related to people you never knew.”

The best advice that he has been given so far about running for mayor of Ponchatoula, Louisiana is not to get too high or too low. Every day is a roller coaster. Tucker says that some days people won’t open their doors or just yell at him to go away. He says, but others that you don’t even know will welcome you into their home and hold a great 20-45 minute conversation with you.

Tucker strongly believes in term limits, remarking, “Term limits are needed just about across the board in terms of government.”

 He makes this clear by saying “As far as term limits, I’m only going to be here for 8 years.”

He further explains, “When you don’t have term limits in public office, it essentially allows those people at the top to politic those below them, out.”

 Tucker does not plan to be a career politician and does not want to be in the position of mayor for the rest of his life, if elected. He simply wants to make a difference in the community.

Infrastructure is one of his biggest concerns for the city of Ponchatoula. He believes that bringing diversity into the town is a great way to solve many problems. Mixing different diversities in a room is when, he believes, the brainstorming process starts to happen. “All it takes at the end of the day is innovative thinking,” Bub Tucker, Mayor Candidate for Ponchatoula, Louisiana 2019 elections.

Elections begin on October 12. People are welcome to vote at their appropriate polls in Ponchatoula, LA.


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