Brittney goes from stretching regularly to teaching yoga

In the picture Brittney Brumfield demonstrates her favorite pose, the modified Scorpion.

In the picture Brittney Brumfield demonstrates her favorite pose, the modified Scorpion.

Brittney Brumfield is the Yoga Instructor at Southeastern Louisiana University. Her classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in the Pennington Center.

Brumfield practiced yoga on YouTube every day for two years straight. She posted videos on Instagram of her practicing and her followers commented asking if she taught a class.

“About four years ago, I could not see myself teaching a yoga class. I was really shy,” said Brumfield.

Brumfield said “My mom pushed me to step out on a limb and try teaching.” She applied through Southeastern, got the job and started in the summer of 2016. Brumfield wanted to share what she learned with others who had the same interest.

During the summer, Brittney said her students found the class helpful, which motivated her. Then she knew that she was doing something right.

The fall semester had a bigger turnout of student than the summer semester.

“This semester I freaked out in front of so many people. Everyone was looking at me, but I got out of it because I knew that no one was perfect and that we were all learning together.”

Brumfield stresses that communication is key to the success of the class. She encourages her students to talk with her so that she can cater to the needs of her classes.

“This is my first time doing yoga and this class is very helpful. I really like the class,”said Bri Robinson, a new yoga attender.

Alexis Green, another regular yoga attender, said “Brittney is a great instructor and she makes me feel comfortable.”

Brumfield eventually wants to expand and get a national certification so that she can teach at gyms or rented facilities in different areas.


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