Books for Prisoners and Alpha Kappa Delta

LAB2P (Louisiana Books 2 Prisoners) is a non-profit organization working closely with Southeastern’s Sociology Honor Society, Alpha Kappa Delta, to deliver books to Louisiana prisoners.

Alpha Kappa Delta held a book drive and petition last week in the student union corridor. The petition is to eliminate the “the three strikes law” which Alpha Kappa Delta believes has led to a higher incarceration rate of Louisiana minorities. Anyone interested in signing the petition can visit room 354 in Fayard Hall.

Nicole Hunt, Treasurer for Alpha Kappa Delta said of her organization, “We try to do activities that promote the general well-being of society by feeding the hungry and raising money for battered women shelters.” The collaboration with LAB2P is just one of many events Alpha Kappa Delta holds throughout the year. During this book drive, Alpha Kappa Delta accepted paperback dictionaries and paperback GED books, which can also be directly donated to LAB2P.

In a Southeastern UReporter survey on the general knowledge of the prison system in the U.S. and Louisiana, respondents were indeed knowledgeable about incarceration rates and were concerned about what this means for American citizens.

100 percent of respondents already knew that the U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world and consider this big problem.

One respondent wrote, “Far too many people are locked up for nonviolent offenses. This is a drain on resources. Plus, white-collar criminals aren’t going to prison for their nonviolent crimes and the repercussions of those crimes are far worse.”

In the survey, participants were asked if they would be willing to donate their books to prisons and every respondent answered “yes”.

Another respondent said, “I would [donate books] because more people in the workplace means more money in the economy. If tax payers pay to clothe, house and feed them and they return to society and participate in it- that is worth my old books I never even think of anymore.”

Southeastern students can volunteer with LAB2P in New Orleans.

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