Blue and White: A Staple in the College Experience

The Zeta Phi Beta sorority is a big believer in making community activities a staple of the organization. In order for sororities to become recognized on campus, they must be able to be seen by fellow students and even future members who may be interested in joining those organizations. In order to boost the morale of the organization, the sorority believes in having the right events at the right time. During the first day of classes, the sorority hosted a Back to School BBQ during lunchtime, which provided free food, cold drinks, water, and had music to ease the tension that came along with classes beginning.


The Zeta Lambda chapter of Zeta Phi Beta sorority, Inc is known for the events that they hold such as the BBQ, as it has become a tradition of the beginning of each year. The sorority works hard in order to become the first to pick dates out of the other sororities and fraternities. Picking dates to host events also goes based on having the highest GPA within NPHC. Member Ayanna Hall states, “ We do events on campus so we are noticed and known by students and to help recruit girls who may have interest in joining the sorority or may want to know more about it.”


In order for the sorority to gain a positive reputation, they constantly go around the campus promoting their events, weeks in advance as a way to show their colors and personalities on campus. “We want to have a positive look on our sorority and receive positive feedback from others,” Hall stated. It is also required by the university that sororities and fraternities host at least two to three campus events a school year in order to be considered active.


Chapter member Keaira Woodard stated, “The BBQ was a huge success. The students enjoyed the music, food, and overall experience that Blue & White had to offer. We are open and friendly and that created a environment where everyone who is in our presence can feel relaxed and truly enjoy themselves. The event was full of fun and was a good time for all.” The group plans to host a Bonfire in the coming month and will be giving away free food along with s’mores and cold drinks. So the next time you see the sisters in Blue and White of Zeta Phi Beta, come over to join the party because you are more than welcome to enjoy yourself.

Member Ayanna Hall, Middle Right, join sisters to serve at Campus BBQ

Member Ayanna Hall, Fourth Right, join sisters to serve at Campus BBQ

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