Bingo Springs It’s way into the Semester

Spring into the season with a game of bingo!

Springo bingo, an event hosted by the Campus Activities Board, is scheduled for Mar. 8 at 6 p.m. in the Student Union for students.

CAB originally got the bingo idea from ACUI, an annual conference devoted to enriching campus communities. The game proved to be enjoyable and easy to set up, so bingo was incorporated at CAB events each semester. Katlyn Daigle, CAB’s vice president of membership, discussed bingo’s popularity among the Southeastern students.

“We would have bingo going on while doing an event, but we realized everyone would just spend their time playing bingo because they liked to win, so we decided to make it it’s own event,” she said.

This semester’s bingo got its title for being held in the spring, and an estimate of 50 to 100 students are expected. There also will be variations of bingo to keep the games interesting. Prizes will consist of groceries and cleaning supplies. CAB’s event manager, Megan Blomquist, spoke about preparing the prizes.

“We had to go to the store and get food and cleaning supplies. Then we put those items in small baskets for them to win. We have 15 baskets altogether,” Blomquist said.

CAB began these preparations this week with a $200 budget. The money saved may be used for future events.


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