The Baton Rouge, Louisiana River Center Centroplex will hold the biggest kids event ever on December 1, 2012. The fun filled event is sure to have something for everyone.  The agenda will include rides, video games, rock climbing, face painting, inflatable play sets, and much more.  A meet and greet with several cartoon characters will certainly bring smiles to many kids faces.

The event will be free for school-aged children, and, if they do not receive their tickets from school, they can pick them up from Brian Harris Chevrolet and various Best Stops throughout the Livingston Parish area. People can also check out the Brian Harris Facebook page for details on the event.

Brian Harris said “I am very proud to be hosting this event with Scott and all the others who are helping out. Kids are really special to me and I will do whatever it takes to bring a smile to their faces. I hope the kids have a great experience but I also hope that parents can enjoy spending the day with their kids and just enjoy bonding. What it is really all about is getting families to grow stronger together than as separate individuals”.

Local Baton Rouge legend Scott Innes will be hosting the event. Scott is known around Baton Rouge as the WYNK 101.5 guy. He is famous for his catch phrase, “Don’t forget to hug those children every day”. Scott was released from WYNK 101.5 last year and has now started HUG magazine.  In his magazine he showcases people who are given kudos in the form of a virtual hug for their varied attributes to society which include, but are not limited to, humane and humanity awareness.

In addition, Scott is the fun and quirky voice of that famous dog, Scooby Doo, and of course Shaggy, Hollywood Hal and Rhinestone Al. This will be Scott’s first big kid oriented event.

Amongst the crowd some noted guests will include such characters from television as Spiderman, Ironman, Captain America, Santa Clause, Cat in the Hat, The Grinch, Darth Vader, Chewbacca and the Dukes of Hazard. Many other characters will also make special appearance but Scott says that you’ll have to attend to find that out.

Scott Innes said “This event is for the kids. Of course parents are welcome. I know that kids are our future and I want them to know that we care about them. This event will give kids a chance to meet all their favorite cartoon characters and other famous characters. I’m also going to have a surprise for the kids. Let me just say that the Mystery Machine will be at the event”.

The SMG group has controlling interest in the Centroplex and has been trying to bring a kid’s event on this scale to Baton Rouge for quite a while now. The venue is ideal because the Centroplex has a capacity of 10,000 seats and a total of 30,000 square feet of exhibition space. The SMG group maintains 98% of arenas throughout North America and since taking over the Centroplex, Baton Rouge has seen an increase in arena sales.

John Adams Vice President of SMG arenas said, “The Centroplex is a great place for a kid’s event. Not only do you have the Centroplex located downtown, but you have the entire Baton Rouge River Center Complex which includes the Exhibition Hall and the Theatre of Performing Arts. The combined total area is over 100,000 square feet”.

Owner of a local engineering firm, Alvin Fairburn, said, “The Centroplex is a great place for the kid’s event. We want a controlled environment for the kids to have fun but we want them to be safe. Safety is my number one concern. We expect thousands of kids and that is going to be a task in its self for us trying to keep them safe”.

The Baton Rouge city police have a contingent of around ten officers that will be at the event. Volunteers will provide the majority of the security at the event. Potential event volunteers are welcome to contact the SMG group at, 610-729-7900. Each participant will be given an exclusive all access pass to the event.

James Pittman, Baton Rouge city officer said, “All of us are volunteering for the event. Most of us that are going have kids and we believe this is a great opportunity for them and the surrounding community. I have been friends with Scott Innes for a while and I know he really cares about these kids”.

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