Big Mudbugs, Small Price

A catering job of 1,000 pounds of boiled crawfish is just one of the major jobs Satsuma Seafood has been able to produce so far this crawfish season. Photo credit: Greta Frelich.

[SATSUMA, La]– Crawfish season is in full swing and having positive effects on local seafood markets, especially Satsuma Seafood, who didn’t originally have high hopes for this year’s season.

Though many aren’t happy about the lack of winter in south Louisiana, business owners like Greta Frelich of Satsuma Seafood are excited about the effects it is having on the supply, demand, and prices of the crawfish this season.

Unlike previous seasons, the prices are down approximately $1 from typical crawfish prices for this time of the year. This is due to the higher supply and demand for the mudbugs because of the warmer weather.

Frelich said, “It is very encouraging to see business booming already at this time of the year. Usually, it isn’t until just before Easter that the demand really rises for crawfish, but people can’t resist a crawfish boil in this already warm weather.”

Most of the crawfish supply is being fulfilled by crawfish ponds in southwest Louisiana due to a lack of spillway crawfish.

Frelich predicts that the seafood market will begin receiving quality spillway crawfish just in time for Easter weekend.

“All of my customers are already planning their crawfish boils for Easter weekend and wondering whether we will have enough sacks of crawfish available to sell for that weekend, but as long as the season continues on like it is now, I see no reason to worry about getting crawfish for the holidays,” Frelich said.

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