Big band with a big sound

Modest musicians create an extended play album with a mammoth sound to go with their colossal heads.

It was a small world type of thing when local New Orleans progressive rock-trio, The Colossal Heads, met. All in different bands with a different musical sound, until Tony Italiano glued everything together in May of 2013.

Each member brings different styles to the band’s sound that creates a funk punk fusion.  The punk comes from the punchy, arithmetic drum styles of Kyle Carroll, the funk progressions of the bass line echo from bassist Danny Lester, while lead guitarist and singer Tony Italiono brings depth to the lyrics through the cadence of his voice.

“Danny was originally set to play rhythm guitar, but he decided to switch to bass so we didn’t have to bring another member in, didn’t want to change the chemistry we had because it was already good the way it was.” said drummer Kyle Carroll.

Music venue after music venue, these musicians played until their fingers bleed. The group made small amounts of cash to put towards their dream, while their band funds dwindled to pennies from grueling tours and cheap motels. All for the love of music and strive for change.

“In a world where lights and cameras are king, this group of musicians is all about action. Honest, loud, and in tune (mostly), every Colossal Head’s show is a signal flare to bring the people back to good via intelligent lyrics, urgent musical delivery, and enough energy to power the future of art itself. The art of heroes.” said The Colossal Head’s webpage biography.

All band members are currently on a small hiatus in the comfort of their own homes and out of the questionable sheets of cheap motels after two extensive tours, several single week tours and one album.

The Colossal Heads plan to come back in full swing in March 2016 with their second extended play Mammoths that holds true to the sound every one of their fans love them for. 

Bassist Danny Lester said, “Every song sounds like something different with different influences in each song that we play on the album. People that liked our extended play and that enjoy seeing us live are not going to be disappointed at all because we’re making sure that everything is perfect before we release it.” 

The Colossal Heads are on the road to be a part of the change the music industry needs and they will not stay off that road until they make their mark.






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