Biden Lowers the Flag…Again

In the wake of the Indianapolis massacre that occurred on April 15, President Joe Biden orders a lowering of the U.S. flag to half-staff at the White House.  

“…once again, I have the solemn duty of ordering the flag lowered at half-staff at the White House, public buildings and grounds, and military posts and embassies, just two weeks after I gave the last such order.” said Biden.

America is in a state of flux, caught between a crossfire of the virus and death due to gun violence.

During his press conference with the prime minister of Japan, Biden said “This is a national embarrassment, what’s going on. It’s not only the mass shootings that are occurring, every single day there’s a mass shooting in the United States if you count those who are killed out in the street of our cities and in our rural areas.”

SCP Perry Holder Jr. of the National Guard says, “From what I’ve read on and learned, the flag is lowered when the whole nation is in mourning. So in my opinion either it’s going to be lowered every day for the constant mourning of the nation of black people, or it should never be lowered since the entire nation does not mourn for one another as a collective.” 

Holder also asked that if this flag is supposed to represent all of us as citizens of America, then why are we choosing which events to lower it for and who’s doing the choosing? He feels that if we are separate but equal, as the constitutional doctrine states, then the flag should be lowered and we should mourn for the loss of every race as if it’s our own.

Half-staffing is a term used to describe the act of flying a flag below the apex in times of peril, mourning, or times of remembrance and displays of respect. 

Jamie Peters, a Master Sergeant in the National Guard, says, “When we lower the flag it’s to pay respects to the fallen or someone who has done extraordinary things for this country. In my opinion, the flag should be flown[half-staff] for every genocide or issue dealing with a certain ethnicity or tragedy.”

Peters said that there are certain government entities that would request the flag being flown at half-staff for innocent people who died because of the actions of others, and he would definitely pay his respect to those who lost their lives due to someone else’s decisions.

Peyton Mayo, a Covington Fire Department applicant, says, “It means that the country lost someone important or someone significant, and we are giving them respect. We are showing the families and states that we are with them in the tragic event and we are praying for them and supporting them.” 

The mass shooting is just one of many unfortunate and untimely incidents to plague America in recent weeks. Following the tragedies that have transpired in Atlanta, Colorado, and Washington D.C., this will be the fourth time Biden has given the order to lower the flag. 


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