Beauty and the Beast Fans Expect Superior Graphics

Photo taken by Branna Owens.

The new Beauty and the Beast film debuts next week and already has a large following. The film is the first remake of the Disney classic that features human actors. Due to the blended nature of the film’s actors and graphics, fans are expecting the computer graphics to live up to the live actors’ names.

According to a Southeastern U-reporter survey, many respondents said they are looking forward to the graphics the most.

“I feel like the movie will be better than the Cinderella remake. I think they will improve from this movie, to get better than before,” said senior Espian Pace.

Disney has a tremendous undertaking in creating a live version that can live up to the original animated film. Some moviegoers are taking a pass on the live version.

Freshman Kaylan Harding said she is not going, ” keep it [the original] where it is”.

Nearly all respondents agreed that graphics were absolutely necessary for the success of this new version.

Time and box office sales will tell if Disney succeeded in their grand-scale graphic endeavors.







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