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Tired of the usual cat videos? Looking for something to entertain you that isn’t a “Let’s Play” or a “How to” video? Want to watch something hilarious? Or would you rather watch something serious? If your answer is yes to all of these questions, then check out the Southeastern Louisiana University Broadcast Education Association Club’s YouTube Channel. The SLU BEA Club’s YouTube channel has many kinds of content, which includes skits, short films, news shows, podcasts, and so much more!

On the BEA Entertainment Podcast, students can talk about anything that may be going on in pop culture such as current music, movies, TV, and gaming. The Podcast is hosted by Club member Peyton Sawyer. There is also the Sports Podcast hosted by Logan Bennett and Logan Graffia. Bennett and Graffia talk about the latest in sports news with various guests from the club. The short News Podcast is hosted by various club members where they talk about the latest current news and events in the local area and around the world. The flagship podcast show “Guys Bein’ Dudes” is hosted by Tyler Guidroz, where multiple guests come and talk about various random things such as: top ten favorite foods, bathroom experiences, and top three actors.  

There are also short films and skits posted on the YouTube channel as well. Currently, the most popular skit on the channel is “Blues Clues Auditions” with Cameron Pittman as lead actor. The skit revolves around an actor named “Cameron” who is auditioning to be the new host of the Nick Jr. children’s show “Blue’s Clues”.  The most popular short film on the channel is “Killshade” starring Jordan Alfred as the hero and protagonist. The film is about a man who becomes a superhero vigilante named “Killshade” after one of his friends is murdered during a robbery. It is loosely based on and influenced by the Batman comic books created by Bob Kane and published by DC comics. There are also weekly challenge videos in the mix of what is available on the channel. Some of the challenges include: card game Super Fight, a debate game to see who’s randomly selected character would win in a fight; Markiplier’s improv challenge “Change”; and Chicken Scream: a mobile app plat-former game.

You can watch and listen to all of this at the Southeastern BEA YouTube Channel:

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