BEA Press Release

The Broadcast Education Association is an organization for communication majors focusing on Broadcast. Members meet on the third floor of D Vickers Hall in Room 384 every Thursday night at 6:00 p.m.

It began Spring 2016, being the youngest communication organization, but the biggest this semester having about 50 members. Former president, Jordan Reid and former Vice President, Mason Dauphin, started BEA. They changed the National Broadcast Society to the Broadcast Education Association. Current President, Courtney Bruno, took over BEA in the fall of 2016.

Since Bruno stepped into office, BEA has been able to host their first fundraiser, get prominent television guest speakers, become an official nonprofit organization under the Internal Revenue Service and provides more activities for members. When Reid and Dauphin were in office, Bruno was the Secretary of the BEA. This showed her how to be an efficient and effective president.

Membership in the BEA has increased since it was first established from an estimated 30 to almost 50 members. With Reid and Dauphin’s efforts and loyalty to the club, the numbers were able to grow drastically.

BEA does broadcast related activities, including networking with other in the communication field and helping nurture broadcast skills for members both in writing and video editing in various forms like news, movies, radio, and sports.

BEA had vice president and general manager of WVUE, Fox 8, come and speak to the BEA members on March 9. There will be another guest speaker Rick Settoon, who will come speak about the Southeastern Channel.

This upcoming semester, BEA is planning to host a media festival where there will be guest speakers, interactive activities involving radio, videography, and editing and different tools designed to help members prepare for the broadcast world after they graduate.

The current officers are President Courtney Bruno, Secretary Tara Barbe, Treasurer Jeremy Gaines, SCORE Newsletter Chief Editor and Society for Collegiate Journalist Liaison Jeremy Rhodes and Social Media Coordinator Max Mazik.

BEA is holding elections for officer positions for the Fall 2017 semester. Elections will take place April 27. There are four positions available that need to be filled, including vice president, secretary, SCORE newsletter chief editor, and social media coordinator. School policy states that the president, vice president and secretary must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA to be elected into office.

Bruno will announce those who will be running for each position at the April 13 meeting. They will have a week to campaign and must prepare a speech no longer than five minutes declaring why they should be chosen to run that position in BEA.

BEA has various social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube where they constantly post about what is going on in the club and with their members.

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