BEA Hosts Its First Fundraiser

BEA members Jeremy Rhodes and Blake Esta commentating at Press Club’s video game tournament in Fall 2015. Photo Credit: Jordan Reid

Southeastern’s Broadcast Education Association is hosting a video game tournament on March 16 with a goal to raise enough money for broadcasting equipment.

Hosting a fundraiser has been a long-term goal for the Broadcast Education Association and with this being the organization’s first fundraising event, expectations are high.

“It’s very exciting, but also a little nerve wracking. I mean you try to plan for everything, but sometimes the unexpected happen. There are still some parts that need to be planned out, but overall, I’m really excited to see this through,” said Courtney Bruno, president of BEA.

The BEA has previously worked with Southeastern’s Press Club in their video game tournaments in the past. While Press Club hosted the event, BEA was responsible for commentating major competitions; utilizing the both video and audio production for streaming.

“While helping with Press Club’s fundraiser, we were able to use our skills to increase the production quality of the tournaments,” said Mason Dauphin, former BEA vice president.

While this is BEA’s very first fundraiser, its members have been planning the tournament, as well as a media festival, for almost a year.

BEA members planning fundraising ideas for the organization. Photo credit: Jordan Reid

“It’s not as simple as asking for a room and supplies and that SGA will just hand it over. There is a lot of work that members might not actually see and finding a room to have it in is harder than it looks. But in the end the experience is rewarding which is why we jump through so many hoops to make it happen,” said Bruno.

After the video game tournament, BEA will continue to plan for their media festival, where students at Southeastern’s campus can enter video or audio projects to compete and be judged by professionals within the field. Their goal is to host the festival before the end of the semester, but they are currently looking for a room to hold the awards ceremony.

For more information on Southeastern’s Broadcast Education Association and its fundraising events, meetings are held every Thursday at 6:00 p.m. in D. Vickers 384.

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