BEA Feature Story of the Day:       Netflix New Documentary Steams Intrest 

By Emily Jones 

       A recent Netflix documentary came out called “Take Your Pills.” It is about the medication of those with Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder an attention deficit disorder and how everyone acknowledges it and sees it.  Going into this documentary, I did not know how to prepare or what I would see. There are many people who are against medicating kids or adults with ADHD or ADD and just blame society or that the person just “isn’t trying hard enough.”

As someone who has been diagnosed with ADD, since they were in the first grade, being told millions of times a day your family to “take my pills.”  They would ask questions like, “why are you acting so different” “why are you not focusing” “did you forget to take your pill this morning?” This was and is my life to this day, a constant reminder that this is my norm and that this will constantly be my reality.

To really understand my story and what I go through, watch this documentary. From all the people they interviewed who have this disorder, every word they said I have been thinking for the 10+ years I’ve been on this medication. It is educational in both a scientific way and in an ethical way. The documentary takes no side in yes we should medicate these people or no we should not medicate these people.

This documentary is educational and helpful for those that have been diagnosed with the disorder. This documentary attacks the stigma of those with children with ADHD or ADD are just pumping medication in them to make their kids calmer or quieter. It talks about the presence of these drugs on college campuses and how they get in unprescribed hands. There is a whole discussion about if medication makes schooling an even playing field or if it just gives people with the prescription of the medication a leg up. Medication is an epidemic in college campus with even ones who are not suffering with this disorder still manages to get their hands on it.

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