Southeastern alumni give feedback about Dr. Mirando


[Hammond] – As a communication major, there are certain things that make you cringe: such as APA style, and writing a senior thesis. However, there is only one man who stands above all. And when it comes down to having a legacy built on his reputation, whether good or bad, Dr. Mirando leaves an impression on all of his students.

When a student first meets Dr. Mirando, they may have a sense of nervousness. In Comm 101, he tells everyone to look to the right and to the left of them and lets the students know that everyone in that room will not be there when they graduate; and he is right. But that is just his way of being honest with his students whether they want to hear the truth or not.

He has used this unique method of teaching for quite some time, even with students who eventually became professors themselves. Dr. Amber Narro, a communication professor at Southeastern enrolled in Dr. Mirando’s class when she attended Southeastern.  She has always respected his personality.  He takes his students seriously, and can be critical of their performance.

“I knew that it was a privilege to take his class,” said Narro. She was never afraid of him, however, Narro knew that Mirando was so knowledgeable and could learn so much from him. She recalls the first paper she turned into Mirando, “dripped ink off of it”. At this point, Narro knew he just wanted what was best for all of his students.

“I was discouraged, but I knew he cared,” said Narro. “I took that paper and used it as a learning experience.”

Allison Crady, Southeastern Alumnus class of 2015, is another former student of Mirando who learned to accept the professor and his teaching style. “He is challenging yet wonderful and a highly-qualified professor,” said Crady. “Dr. Mirando will push students past their limits.”

Some past students of Dr. Mirando may not like the way he conducts his classes due to how strict and specific his guidelines may be. Therefore, the students may take that impression of Mirando and think he is just out to get them. However, his former students say there is a solution to seeing a different side of him. Both Crady and Narro suggested seeing the professor during his office hours.

They did not say he will show any signs of favoritism, but, you will see a more calm and down to earth person. “Talk to him about baseball,” said Narro.

Crady says his office hours are a great time to get feedback on assignments and ideas. “He will not show favoritism, but he will grow on you the more you go to his office.  I would visit his office with questions and leave with several great ideas and creative stimulation,” said Crady. “He goes out of his way to help dedicated students succeed.”

So, whether taking Mirando’s class for the first time in Comm 101, or maybe you’re a veteran who still gets nervous when you hear his name, remember he pushes his students because he realizes their potential and believes in  the future of the communication field. He wants nothing but the best.

“Get ready for growing pains because it won’t be easy,” said Crady. “But your efforts in his class seriously develop your critical thinking and professional readiness.” Dr. Mirando is the equivalent of a parent. He may seem like a bad guy at first, but as students mature, they grow an admiration for him and for everything he has done to make sure students are ready for the real world.

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