BCM President Bella Mokeba looks back on her term

A student president of Baptist Collegiate Ministry serves for two semester after being chosen by the director, along with a vice president and team of student leaders. Bella Mokeba has served asvice president last year and is currently completing her year as president.

Bella Mokeba (left) was visited by her father and sister on the last official worship service of the year at BCM.

“God used the BCM to change my life,” said Mokeba as she looks back on her time as BCM president this school year.

The BCM filled both a need and a love in Mokeba’s life that started in high school. After attending Baton Rouge Magnet High, she had a great appreciation for people of every ethnicity, background, and character, but she struggled to find Christian influences in that mix.

“Baton Rouge Magnet was like a melting pot, and I get to be friends with a lot of people like Indians, Asians, Africans, whites, all types of people, and that was legit,” said Mokeba. “But I could only count on half a hand my Christian friends.”

One of Mokeba’s favorite things about the BCM is the opportunity for friendships and growth in Christ. She describes the BCM similar to a church youth group, where college students can hang out, have fun, and still learn about God and the truth of His Word at the same time.

“The first message I heard at BCM changed my life,” said Mokeba. “The topic was on identity, and refocused me on an identity not based on people or popularity, but basing your identity on Christ.”

As her term as president ends, and as she heads into her final semester to graduate this December, she sees the service from a different angle, as she plays percussion in the BCM band.

After a semester of internship with Restoration House in Hammond, Mokeba will graduate with a degree in Social Work. She thanks the BCM for all the skills in organization, networking, and confidence in her beliefs that will help her as she heads into the job field.

“Nothing I learned at BCM was in vain,” said Mokeba.

Along with organization and networking, Mokeba described learning leadership skills as she worked through the president’s tasks of making connections with other organizations, churches, and people that want to work together, attending meetings, and event planning.

Next year’s president of BCM Samuel Taylor speaks highly of his predecessor.

“Bella loves the Lord, and she loves people,” said Taylor. “I consider her a great friend and count myself blessed to have been able to serve beside her.”

Taylor looks forward to his own term this upcoming year as president.

“I’d really like to see us as a leadership team and an organization to begin to seek God in prayer more and ask Him to work in us and on our campus,” said Taylor. ”

Ultimately, we are dependent on Him for all that we’re trying to accomplish.”


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