BCM and CSA speak out about protesters

The 2015 Protesters made their presence known on Sept. 22 all over campus. They held signs and preached their beliefs which brought many reactions from students.

Savannah Kirkpatrick, President of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry, said that as Christians, we have no room to judge the protesters because of their beliefs. “Not even as the president of BCM but as a Christian in general, it made me sad and upset because that could be the only thing some people hear about God and the church which could scare them away.”

Similar to what Kirkpatrick said, CSA member, Kristen Fayard, said that the protesters are simply misunderstood. “Their (protesters) actions have to do with what they have been taught since they were young. They do not know any better,” Fayard said.

According to the Southeastern’s Protesters 2015 poll, 16.67% of students agreed with what the protesters were saying while 83.33% of students disagreed. Most students agreed that the protesters overstepped their personal religious boundaries.

“The message about Jesus is one of love. God sent His son Jesus to die on a cross for us because He loves us. He sent His son that way we could have a relationship with Him and in order to do that we must repent of our sins and turn it Him. The actions we do are because of His love not because of us being scared,” said Kirkpatrick. Kirkpatrick wants students to know that the BCM is open to all students. They have worship services on Thursday nights. More information about the BCM is available on their website.

Fayard said, “Students might have never heard of Christ before the protesters came to campus. I pray that they find the truth of God’s love.”

Students are welcome to join worship nights at the BCM and CSA. Information about both of these organization is available on Southeastern’s website.

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