Athletes Managing their Time

Student athletes have to balance preparation for the next game and their academics by scheduling each minute of their day.

Athletic committee member Dr. Joseph Morris said “With 168 hours in a week, and 24 hours in a day, student athletes and athletes in general need to manage their time as best as they can from study hall, sport activities and classes.”

Freshman Southeastern football player Dylan Fields said, “I spend about 35 hours a week with football related things. Practice is from  3 p.m. to 7. and from 8 p.m. to 9. I go to study hall every night. I eat every night at 7:30. Also depending if the game is home or away, my weekends are filled with traveling or preparing for the home game. Sunday nights I have film, so I don’t go home all that often.”

With every sport being different with scheduling and when everything plays out, not every single student athlete’s schedule will look like Dylan’s. Student athletes like Jerilyn Jansen who does not play for Southeastern’s sports but for an intramural team. Although, she does not play for Southeastern, Jerilyn pointed out “For flag football I play for Alpha Sigma Tau and for soccer our name is Cunning Stunts. It does get hard sometimes but I just have to manage my time. I try and plan when I’m gonna study and work on homework when I know the times of my games and practices.”

Students who come to find themselves in a tight situation, Dr. Morris and Ms. Sherry Kennemer who is the Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Support are the advisors to talk to. Dr. Morris states “I would tell any student the formula for success is to. Read the text reading assignments. Work all homework and other out-of-class assignments. Take good notes. Go to class and be prepared. Study for the exam as you cover the material, and not wait until the last minute. Get in a study group, and practice explaining the material to each other.”


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