Asterisk bus not welcome on campus?

On the night Delta Tau Delta Fraternity and PEEPS (Peer Educators Educating Peers) held a BBQ to raise awareness and support for deterring drinking and driving, Jerry Maltese and Thomas Speer of Asterisk Night Club were certainly in the spirit to support the cause.

 Maltese, a commercial driver for Air Products and Chemicals, and Speers serve as security for the Asterisk bus, a new addition to the night club meant to help alleviate the dangers of drinking and driving for visitors to the establishment.

 “We stop at the Theta Xi house, and we stop at the KA house and then we make a pass right in front of Greek Village for anyone who wants to ride to the bar,” said Speer. “We also bring everybody home after the bar closes.”

The caravan came to a sudden halt for the night after Maltese and Speer were pulled over for a second time in one night and Maltese was ticketed for having a canceled license.

 “They pulled me over wanting to know why I was in here at first,” said Maltese. “That was on the trip before last. I explained everything to them and they took a copy of my driver’s license and everything.”

 The ticket issued to Maltese was for driving with a canceled license. Maltese said the driver’s license he was carrying displayed an expiration date of 9/27/2012.

 “The thing about it, the campus police don’t want us over here,” said Maltese. “But everybody else says were doing a service, picking these people up, bringing them to the bar and bringing them back. That way, they’re not driving drunk.”

 Maltese felt as if one of the multiple officers who were on the scene treated him inappropriately, saying that one of the officers treated him “like a dog.”

 Speer has recently lost a friend to a drunken driving incident and was also confused about the two stops.

 “I understand that they’re doing their job and everything,” said Speer. “My buddy, last semester, passed away driving drunk on University [Ave.] leaving the bar,” said Speer. “I don’t see why they would really stop us in the first place, knowing what we’re out here doing.”

The University Police was contacted but declined comment on the situation without having a formal complaint from Maltese.

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