The art of tea

 Tucked away in the corridors of Southeastern is a peaceful reminder of International week. This year’s theme for International week is that of Japan and it’s cultures. A tea ceremony took place in the Student Union in room 225. This is one of the many events that are taking place. With other events taking place throughout the month the tea ceremony is one of more traditional roots.


  Professor Sunichiro Yoshida sponsored the event and encouraged students to attend. The ceremony was that of the ancient art of Chanoyu in which there is a server and and participant and the participant partakes in tea made by the server. The guest comes in and takes off their shoes and kneels before the server who then makes it in front of them.

   The tea called Matcha is place into a bowl by the server and then mixed with hot water to create a green tea which is then served to the participant in hopes of good fortune and wealth towards their endeavors. It is stirred with a small bamboo whisk called a Chawan and creates the wanted texture and flavor for the participant’s liking.

 The student Brandon Mobley who served the tea to guests said, “We try to do this everyone in a while but in can be hard to slow down and organize it for such a very traditional presentation.”

 Sponser Yoshida added, “Hopefully the next time we do this we can have many more participants and that we can celebrate International week with high regards.”

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