Anonymous Lions missing friends and fans

Louisiana has a strong football background. The Saints have one of the strongest professional football followings in the country, and the fever Louisiana State University fans a whipped into for LSU football games are legendary.

However the Southeastern Louisiana University Lions doesn’t bring about the same passion and pride displayed for the Saints and Tigers.

While the Saints sell out the 72,000 seat Superdome, even during down years, and the Tigers fill the over 90,000 seats in Death Valley as if they offered free supper, the Lions rarely, if ever pack the fill the 7,000 seats in Strawberry Stadium in a similar manner.

Even last year when the Lions enjoyed one of their most successful campaigns and this year while fielding a roster full of All-America and All-Conference worthy talent, the Lions don’t compete in front of capacity crowd.

Southeastern is a 15,000 student university with over 1,000 faculty and staff. Students get into athletic contests for free, and with the various promotions and give-a-ways some even walk away from the games a little richer.

So why the lack of student support in the stadium. The students are into the sport. The strong attendance at intramural flag games are an obvious indicator. So why doesn’t the university’s team get these students to the real games?

“I don’t know none of the players,” said Brittany Wright, who was attending an intramural game to see a friend play.

Ashton Ford echoed Wright’s sentiments. Ford was at the same contest to see his favorite intramural team, “The Jokerz”, play a game.

“My dog TJ play for the Jokerz,” said Ford. “For me intramural games are better than the actual school games.”

Intramural worker Athan Jefferson simply believes that there is a disconnect between the Southeastern Athletic program and its athletes and the students who attend Southeastern.

You can listen to Jefferson’s comments by clicking the link.

Interview with Athan Jefferson

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