American Society of Safety Engineers

Christie Patrick

Oct. 8, 2015

American Society of Safety Engineers


The American Society of Safety Engineers at Southeastern Louisiana University offers students a chance to make connections and jumpstart their career.

The SLU chapter was started in 1999 to give students the opportunity to reach out nationally to like minded individuals. The field of safety is not a narrow field; the web seminars and national conferences the society allows students to access give members the insight on the diversity of the field.

President of SLU’s chapter of ASSE, Christopher Huckabee said,”They have people who work for insurance companies; they have safety auditors. They have teachers.  I mean, everything you do, safety is involved.”

There is no certain major required to become a part of this organization.

In addition to this, Huckabee said, “To actually join, there is no GPA requirement. There is a $15 fee that you pay when you sign up. What that covers is you being a national member, and, in addition, to that, you become a member here.”

Monthly meetings are held for members. SLU members are welcome to attend meetings held by its parent chapter in Baton Rouge and the New Orleans chapter as well.

The networking opportunities, Graduate Safety Practitioner accreditation, scholarships and discounted conferences are just some of the benefits of becoming a member. Nevertheless, what becomes a favorite benefit varies with every member, even the chapter president.

Huckabee said,”My favorite part about it is the opportunities to just meet different people because, everytime I’ve been somewhere, I’ve met someone new. In Dallas, I was sitting at a table eating lunch with someone from Slovakia. The networking opportunities are endless, and it’s a great opportunity.”

To find more information on the American Society of Safety Engineers, visit or contact the faculty advisor, Dr. Lu Yuan at


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