America, The Beautiful

Today we would like to take a moment of silence, due to recent news that this past Saturday 11 beautiful lives were lost as another result of senseless violence. According to CNN news website, prosecutors have filed hate crime charges against Robert Bowers. Bowers, a 46-year-old man from the suburban Baldwin area of Pennsylvania went to the Tree of Life synagogue and opened fire, according to The New York Times, using an AR-15 service rifle and three hand guns. Bowers later surrendered to authorities after the shooting. According to the site, Bowers had been targeting Jewish people on social media platforms and during his attack, made anti-Semitic remarks. One of these remarks is quoted from The Washington Post, where it states; “the man told authorities  he ‘just wanted to kill Jews’”.

This has been said to be the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in US history.  Also in The Washington Post, it says that when neighbors saw who it was, they were stunned. They recalled him being more of a “ghost” figure, because he rarely had visitors and exchanged pleasantries when leaving and returning home. Kerri Owens a local resident where Bowers was living is quoted saying “we would have small talk, he seemed like a normal guy, and that’s the scary part.”  In an article by ABC News Arizona, this marks the 294th mass shooting this year alone, just 52 shootings shy of last year.

America was built to honor and accept all cultures, that is why we were named the melting pot, but in lieu of the recent uprisings, shootings, and other intracountry wars going on, when will we learn that underneath we are all the same?  When cut, we all bleed red, so why does it matter if our skin, religion, views, or our sexuality isn’t? Like in almost all cases people never recognize when someone is going to plan another attack. Think about the things that could change, if instead of being unpleasant or rude to a stranger, we spread love, because you never know what that person is going through. You could be the difference between life and death to that person. When America realizes that the only way she can get better, is to love each other as her brother, then and only then will she truly be happy again.

Rest in Peace to those who lost their lives on the October 27 attack. May your families find comfort in their time of need.

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