Alpha Sigma Tau searches for Mr. Green and Gold

Alpha Sigma Tau raised money to give back to the community by holding a Mr. Green and Gold pageant. The pageant served as a fundraiser while also looking for the man that represents green and gold spirit.

The sorority took part by selling tickets to the pageant as well as sold T-shirts. They had eight Southeastern contestants taking part in the show.

Jessica Dison, an elementary education major and sorority member, ┬áis new to the pageant fundraiser experience. Dison said, “Seeing how it all comes together and to meet new people. It is just a fun event altogether.”

Nina Begue, a nursing major, also enjoys taking part in the community. Begue said. “My favorite part of the pageant is getting to see it all come together during the night of the show.”

The pageant fundraiser took place Nov. 7-10.

Jessica Dison and Nina Begue raise money for their sorority

Jessica Dison and Nina Begue raise money for their sorority.

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