Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho hits the big screen in Baton Rouge

Movie lovers around the country and right here in Louisiana were in for a treat this weekend. As part of their Classic Series, Cinemark locations all over the U.S had special screenings of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho on Sunday. Regarded by many as “the greatest film of all time,” and currently coming in at number 36 on IMDb’s Top 250, It’s no wonder that movie goers were excited.

One such person was Randy Gros. Randy is a Baton Rouge native and self proclaimed “classic film buff” who attended the Perkins Rowe screening on Sunday.

Tickets for the screening of Psycho

Tickets for the screening of Psycho

“It really was such a pleasure seeing such a classic film in the genre of horror as it was intended to be seen,” Gros said. “I’ve seen the movie so many times, but seeing it in theatres was like seeing it for the first time. I noticed small details I hadn’t before.”

Not everyone in attendance was as well versed in classic cinema as Gros. One such attendee was Gabriella Riley. Riley is a former Southeastern student now residing in Baton Rouge, who had the unique opportunity of seeing Psycho for the first time on the big screen.

“It was nice,” Riley said. “I had never seen it before, so it was a really interesting experience. It was also interesting to be one of the youngest people in the theater [at 23]. I felt like I was bringing a fresh set of eyes.”

The Classic Series is something that Cinemark does year round,  and they screen different films that have stood the test of time each weekend. Psycho was one of the movies chosen, because this year marks the classic film’s 55th anniversary.

Cinemark on the day of the Psycho screening

Cinemark on the day of the Psycho screening

“People get really excited about these screenings,” said Sydnie Fast. Fast is an employee at the Cinemark Perkins Rowe location. “As employees we don’t really have much time to see them, but they do pick some really good movies. We also have other series and different seasonal screenings that people like to come to.”

A list of movies, times, and dates in the Classics Series can be found on Cinemark’s website. The next few weeks include screenings of Ghost, Princess Bride, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and a Back to the Future triple feature.

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