Alexis Forges came to Southeastern because of a pen

Alexis Forges prepares to conduct a speech to commence the lip syncing contest

Alexis Forges prepares to conduct a speech to commence the lip syncing contest

[HAMMOND]- The way a student chooses to go to school could be as simple as receiving a pen as a thank you for attending the booth that the university has set up at a college fair.  This is one way Alexis Forges chose Southeastern Louisiana University as her college for her undergraduate career.

Forges is a senior at Southeastern Louisiana University.  She attended Xavier University Preparatory School in New Orleans and attended a college fair at St. Augustine High School in New Orleans where she spotted the Southeastern booth.

“[Southeastern] was the only school that was close enough to home but far enough to get away [from home],” said Forges when asked why she chose Southeastern as her college of choice.

According to the Southeastern website there is a 63 percent retention rate of students who attend Southeastern beginning with incoming freshman and finishing with graduating seniors.  Many students do stay to attend Southeastern for their entire four years of their college degree but some do transfer or drop out completely.

When asked what made her stay at Southeastern for her entire college career Forges said, “It was the welcoming vibe that Southeastern gave me.  It was like the school was trying to get to know me.”

Southeastern is not just known for its academic performance but is also recognized for the amount of activities and groups that operate within the school system.  One group in particular, the NAACP, drew Forges in to help her come out of her shell.

“Freshman year I was very introverted but in my sophomore year I joined the NAACP and became involved and it brought out my personality more,” says Forges.

While the NAACP may have had a huge impact on Forges’ life, Forges had an impact upon the NAACP and some of the activities they put together.  The best memory that Forges has from Southeastern was a competition she choreographed with the NAACP.

“I helped choreograph and performed in a lip sync competition.  We didn’t place but it is a very fond memory of Southeastern,” says Forges.

Forges planes to graduate from Southeastern next May with a bachelors of arts degree is mass communications and journalism.

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