Aladdin The Musical in London

London – Aladdin The Musical showed at the Prince Edward Theatre on July 28th in West End London.


Aladdin The Musical is a fairly new show that was brought from Broadway to the West End in London. The classic Disney film of Aladdin is brought to life on stage. The production does not stray far from the original tale and even begins with iconic song, “Arabian Nights.”


Olivia Los, from London, said, “I have been a fan of Aladdin since I was little, and now I am able to see it live.”


The music, costumes and backdrops are all something to be remembered. The city of Agrabah is captured in its true essence with gold backdrops and flying carpets.


Paddy Los, from London, England, said, “I have seen other disney movies performed live, such as The Lion King, so I am excited to see if Aladdin can compare.”


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