Senate Agenda

Monday, April 16, 2012

          I.     Call to Order:                          M.J. Ahmad, Senate Chairman

        II.     Pledge:                                     Senator Chase Anderson

      III.     Invocation                               Senator  Ian Doran

      IV.     Roll Call:                                 Mary Gervais, Senate Vice Chair

        V.     Approval of Minutes:                        April 2, 2012

      VI.     Reports:

                                               i.         President:                 Luke Holloway

                                             ii.         Coordinator:             Ms. Rachel Bourgeois

                                            iii.         Faculty Liaison:       Dr. Erin Watson

                                            iv.         Chief Justice:           William Takewell

                                             v.         Senate Chairman:     M.J. Ahmad

    VII.     Programs:

Question of the Day (2 Points)

   Spring Daze (10 Points)

  1. Unfinished Business:

SP12-37             Department Grant, Office of Student Conduct

SP12-42             Student Assistantship, The Big Event and Leadership Series

SP12-44             Bylaw Amendment, Add a Senator Requirement

SP12-45             Bylaw Amendment, Student Government GPA Requirements

SP12-46             Bylaw Amendment, Publish Meeting Minutes

SP12-47             Resolution, Schedule for Senate

SP12-48             Student Assistantship, 2011-2012 Sponsorships Part II

SP12-49             Resolution, Hand Wash Signs

SP12-50             Resolution, SGA Lanyards

SP12-51             Organizational Grant, Visual Arts Society

SP12-52             Resolution, Trash Cans for New KHS Building

SP12-53             Resolution, Non-slip Surface for KHS Walkway

SP12-54             Resolution, Campus Parking Lots Improvements

SP12-55             Resolution, Tables outside of KHS building

SP12-56             Bylaw Amendment, Senators Points

SP12-57             Resolution, Meeting Attire

 IX.     Announcements and Remarks

   X.     Adjournment

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