Afternoon Tea in London

It was quickly decided that while staying in London an authentic afternoon tea stop had to be on the schedule someway, somehow during the three week stay studying abroad. Since some people in the study abroad group arrived in London earlier than the rest of the group of students they had an extra two free days to be able to explore London and get a feel for everything that this magnificent city has to offer.

As they sat around a table in a quaint coffee shop, they were racking their brains to figure out when and where they could have tea together.

Kohl Kent looked up smiled and said, “Oh! Sketch! We have to go to Sketch. They pee in pods!” The dress code for Sketch was “art smart” which implied they wanted their guests to dress with a sense of style and character, but absolutely no shorts. The girls got ready in the nicest clothes they managed to pack for their trip as they excitedly chatted from room to room about their try at real London style afternoon tea.

The first step that is taken into Sketch is like stepping into a whole other world. The uniqueness and complexity of this restaurant sticks with every one of their customers for a long time after they decide to visit and that is exactly the type of experience they were looking for in room 3.07. Sketch is broken down into many different rooms with their very own spectacular theme. The room designated for afternoon tea is called the “gallery,” or as the girls referred to it as the pink room because everything, everything was a light pastel pink.

The gallery had everything from a bar in one corner to a string trio in another. The atmosphere was everything needed for an afternoon of tea with classical music softly playing in the background and pink comfy seating to perch upon while waiting for the first course.

Of course the most spectacular part of Sketch’s style is their restrooms. Their restroom is one giant room with spiralling staircases on either side of the room – one side for men and the other for women. The room, a complete and utter white, is covered in pod like contraptions that upon entering is realized that that is where the toilet is located. The restroom alone was an experience worth partaking in because when would be the next time someone could tell their friend they went to a restaurant with pods for restrooms.

If the description of Sketch alone is still not enough to decide to partake in the wonders of an afternoon of tea in their gallery, then the tower of exquisite sandwiches and delicious desserts should surely do the trick. The first thing that is done when sitting down at the tables made for royalty is deciding on what type of tea catches the eye. There is plenty of choices and eloquent descriptions that do not leave guests scrambling to understand what they might be sipping on for their afternoon of tea. Servers then bring out beautifully decorated towering dishes of food and dessert and there is so much to have it is hard to decide where to start.

It is tempting to start your afternoon tea at the top of your tower of treats, where all the desserts are located, but trust that the sandwiches are just as mouthwatering as the sweet and savory bits of desserts. After attempting to eat and try every bit of the treats before them, servers still bring out scones to enjoy with more tea. The sandwiches and desserts at Sketch are artisanally created and so absolutely stunning and meticulous, they leave guests almost afraid to eat the treats before them and ruin such beautiful artwork. The smells wafting from the guests’ towering treats before them will not leave them feeling guilty for long before they begin partaking in the beautifully designed food.

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