Accident Hospitalizes Southeastern Louisiana University Student

[Walker, Louisiana] – An accident on Interstate 12 hospitalized a Southeastern Louisiana University student on March 22.

Rebecca Haydel, a student at SELU, sustained serious injuries as a result of the accident. She suffered a break in her lumbar vertebra and four fractured ribs and received seven stitches in her knee. The collision also injured Haydel’s boyfriend, Nate Mitchell, who received 13 stitches in his arm.

Mitchell was driving Haydel back to school on Interstate 12 when Logan Bales accidentally rear-ended his truck with her vehicle. Mitchell’s truck ran into the median and flipped onto the other side of traffic. An 18-wheeler then hit Mitchell’s truck, sending it into a ditch.


It took about 15 minutes for paramedics to arrive to the scene. They removed Haydel through a hole in the truck where the door was missing, while Mitchell managed to crawl out by himself. Paramedics took Haydel to the Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center in Baton Rouge.

“I was thinking about what was coming next and how I could help the situation,” Mitchell said of the accident. “Afterwards, I was really worried about [Rebecca’s] health.”

Haydel remained in the hospital as of this printing, while Mitchell left the emergency room shortly after he received his stitches. Bales was unharmed as a result of the collision.

Haydel has kept a positive attitude about the situation despite what she has been through.

“I’m alive, though, so I’m good,” said Haydel with a smile.

Despite her positive attitude, Haydel said she has decided not to return to school this semester. The injuries she sustained will prevent her from attending class. She does, however, plan to return to SELU in the fall to resume her studies.

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