Abstract Gallery Installations Puzzle and Intrigue

The Southeastern art department held a gallery installation in the Contemporary Arts Building featuring paintings by Aaron Collier and a sculpture installation by Samantha Burns.

The paintings and sculptures are done in the abstract style where the viewer conveys the meaning for themselves. “It’s kind of like falling apart or emotional distress,” said Aubriana Young a student frequenting the exhibit. Many of the pieces do indeed literally fall apart as seen by the shattered vases on the floor and the wilted flowers. “It’s probably one of my favorite exhibitions,” said Savannah Perrin, a senior graphic arts major that works in the department.

Collier’s paintings are inspired by classical work. In fact he was a realist painter before he switched over to the abstract realm. “Whenever you start to recognize the painting that’s when he starts to take it away,” said Perrin.

Burns on the other hand has always pushed the boundaries.. “Her pieces are actually supposed to be about the physical balances between the body” said senior ceramics and painting major Akilah Spears. Many of the sculptures deal with weight distribution and stability. Her latest installations are interactive and actually physically change as time passes.

Burns' sculpture installation.

Burns’ sculpture installation.

Collier's Horse and Rider

Collier’s Horse and Rider.

The exhibit ran until November 10 at the Southeastern Contemporary Arts Building next to Strawberry Stadium.


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