A recent threat to schools

Earlier today, Southeastern students were alerted to a “unspecified threat” in the Hammond area. This came as a shock to some students and as no surprise to others. Hammond public schools had increased security as well as a sweep of Hammond High Magnet school.

This all started with a threat made over social media. The threat was made by a 14-year-old boy who wanted to shoot up Hammond High School. The boy posted a cartoon online with a character holding an AK-47 and telling telling people “not to go to Hammond High tomorrow.” said Tangipahoa Sheriff Daniel Edwards. Another part of the threat came from a suspicious vehicle parked outside of the school overnight.

James Soule, a Ponchatoula High school teacher, said, “I’m not worried in the slightest. The police always react seriously and quickly.” He also added, “These kinds of things happen all of the time.”

James Soule at Ponchatoula High School

James Soule teaches at Ponchatoula High School

The Lafayette theatre shooting in July is a testament. Regular people are buying guns legally and using them for violence against humans. Soule is also a father and he was not worried about his son attending school today because he put his faith in the authorities. However, teachers and faculties were still on high alert today.

Southeastern Students were alerted as well. A notice was sent out through e-mail as well as posted on the school’s website. Senior Engineering Technology of Energy major Robert Belloni said,


These situations can happen at anytime and to anyone. Crimestoppers in Tangipahoa Parish can be reached at 1-800-554-5245. Their website has the latest information on investigations and safety tips.

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