A look at No Exit

Southeastern Theatre  hosted the play No Exit last week. This show is a part of this season’s Fanfare which is the university’s festival for the arts. The reactions from the audience members seemed to enjoy the production based on their reactions during the performance.

The play centered around three deceased people in the 60s. The entire play took place in the underworld. The performance area was only a circle that the audience. An audience member Jennifer Pennington said, “The most creative part of the production was the stage.’

No Exit stage

the No Exit stage

enveloped. It was a unique room with only three chairs and a lava lamp on a table. The only other object that can be seen is a door, one that won’t open.

The play’s tagline is “Hell is other people.” This idea is shown through the three characters sharing the same room in hell. The characters in the show were a man named Garcin and two women named Inez and Estelle. The three drove each other mad with thoughts of love, lust, betrayal and selfishness.

The director, Anne-Liese Fox, modernized the show from its original 1944 release in France. Also, the audience sitting on the stage itself was unique. A show that was performed for a 360 degree viewing audience is an interesting technique. The movement made by the performers was incredibly diverse and enthralling. The characters sometimes moved as if they were children. It was fascinating to watch these actors move with such emotion on such a small space.

No Exit is the second show for Southeastern’s Theatre department this semester. This means that there is one more left. High and Mighty is the last show of the season and will show sometime in November.

The show’s makeup designer Brei-Linn Golchuk said, “The show was put on through all the hard work of the faculty and students.” Golchuck has done makeup design in other Southeastern performances, like A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

Southeastern’s new theatre degree concentration teaches all of the production aspects that go into a live performance. Students made up the set, lighting designs, costumes, makeup and crew.

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