Study abroad students visit The Shard

[LONDON] – The students participating in Southeastern’s communication and theatre study abroad program had their final night in London on top of The Shard on Thursday, July 28.

The Shard is a 72-story building with spectacular views of the city located near the London Bridge Underground station. Students enjoyed the sunset, said final goodbyes and looked back on the times shared over the past 17 days.

Sharing memories and stories

Participants like Madison Dugger, a senior criminal justice major at Southeastern, reflected on her favorite memories Thursday evening.

“My favorite part was just walking around the city and seeing the different parts on my own, like Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus,” said Dugger. “It was fun just to be able to explore.”

During the program, students traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland, saw three plays at Shakespeare’s famous Globe Theatre and experienced a brand new way of life. With accommodations at King’s College, the students had easy access to the Underground tube stations and local eateries like the Borough Market.

Exploring beyond the itinerary

Iconic views of London atop The Shard.

Iconic views of London atop The Shard.

Some students even traveled to Amsterdam in the Netherlands for an overnight getaway. One of the travelers, Simone Odom, shared that Amsterdam is memory she will remember forever.

“My favorite part about this trip was all the friends that I made while I was here. I also fell in love with Amsterdam. It was such a beautiful place and they have the best food there,” said Odom, a senior theatre major at Southeastern. 

Not only did Odom enjoy her trip to Amsterdam, but she also enjoyed experiencing Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

“Honestly, I loved seeing the plays like “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Taming of the Shrew”. Those were my favorites. Getting to experience Shakespeare’s Globe for real and seeing what it was really like was really cool,” Odom said.

Worth the investment

Southeastern’s study abroad program for communication and theatre majors occurs every year in July. With a cost of $3900 plus flight arrangements and personal spending money, participants will get an experience of a lifetime, and Sarah Balli agreed.

Study abroad students pose for a final photo with theatre instructor James Winter in The Shard.

Study abroad students pose for a final photo with theatre instructor James Winter in The Shard.

“This was a complete experience of a lifetime. Hands down, worth every penny and I do not regret going on this trip one bit. If anyone was even considering studying abroad I would say to just go, and don’t think about the cost. It costs a lot of money but it is so, so worth it in the end,” said Balli, a senior theatre major at Southeastern.

This year, as a small group of seven, the students became fast friends and travel parters.

“I mean, look at us all tonight,” Balli said. “We don’t want to leave this place or each other.”

Another student, senior communication major Nicholas Harrison, also spent Thursday night remembering the good times with his new friends.

“I would say it was definitely a successful trip. Made plenty of friends and experienced some good culture, so I don’t really know what more I could have asked for,” Harrison said.

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