A Recent Graduate’s Road to Creating Magic


Cast member Lindsey Begault enjoying a day spent in Pandora at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

As a young girl, Lindsey Begault would dream of one day becoming a cast member and working for the most magical company on earth. Little did she know, in a few years all of her dreams would come true when the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida accepted her application to work for their company.
Her journey towards her dream began when she was 21 years old. She was accepted to the Disney College Program when she was a student at Southeastern Louisiana University. As a New Orleans native, this would become one her biggest life changes thus far. Begault had the support of friends and family whenever she realized her plans were finally coming to light.

During her college program, she worked in the attractions line of business. Her exact location was Rockin Roller Coaster and Fantasmic in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This is the location where she realized this is where she was meant to be after graduation. She also met her current boyfriend, Colton Bates, during her college program while working together at Rockin Roller Coaster. Bates said, “Sometimes you never know who you are going to meet along the way when you work in Disney. Cast members come from numerous countries, and I somehow became lucky enough to meet Lindsey.” Colton now works at Universal, and continues to support Begault’s beginning career choices. One of these being the decision to come back to Disney after graduation to work for the company she fell in love with.

After graduation, Begault was accepted into another attractions position with the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando. However, this time was different because her location was Pandora. Pandora opened at Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the spring of this year. Pandora is booming with popularity and is bringing ride wait times to three hours on a normal day. Because of the popularity of Disney’s new expansion, Begault has had a total dynamic switch with this job. Within Pandora, she works the attraction Flight of Passage. She always has to be at the top of her game when at work, but the upside of this situation comes from her cast member team. They are accommodating of breaks and they understand the job can become overwhelming. Having a team that supports you makes the day go by easier and faster. She has begun to make friends at her work location that support and understand the good and bad moments of the job. And most importantly, she receives all of the bragging rights of working at the newest ride with the most advanced technology on Disney property.

Although Begault’s first choice in line of business was not attractions after graduation, she makes the most out of what she is given. She has learned patience through her experience so far, and it has only made her stronger in the long run. Begault believes that you cannot start at the top right out of college. However, you can humble yourself enough to understand that sometimes starting small will lead you to the destination you are meant to be at. She always looks towards the positives of life, and because of this she is back working for a company she is passionate about.

The benefits for working for Walt Disney World stretch far and wide. As someone in the beginning of their career, Begault finds the networking and room for growth to be one of the most rewarding parts of her job. Even in a job like attraction, there are people around you to help you with the biggest and smallest of problems. She takes advantage of the managers and area leads as a source of guidance and motivation. She also enjoys the access to the parks whenever she pleases, but in this stage of her life, Disney has given her more than a normal person would expect out of this company.

Every day is not a perfect day when you work for Walt Disney World. Begault states, “In a place filled with so much magic, one would expect every part of their vacation to be perfect, but sometimes it does not end up that way. You then become the person this falls back on, and you have to turn this negative moment into a positive one.” This is not an easy job, but it is the job to be done when you are a cast member. One of the most prominently negative parts of working for Disney is the absence of home for Begault. She finds that even though she is creating her own life in Orlando her heart still misses her family and friends in Louisiana. Her mother, Pamela Begault, misses Begault dearly, but she also understands that Begault is on the road to success in her career. Missing home can turn a mood sour, but Begault suggests finding a  new family and group of friends can help you through the tough times.

There is so much advice one can give while working for Disney. Begault recommends people considering becoming a cast member should make sure they truly understand where they are working. The role and location can make or break your time working for Disney. If you come into work with a positive mindset, your day is guaranteed to be a great one. Also, you may never know who is watching you for future endeavors to move up the ladder in Disney. Having respect for the people above you will prove useful in the long run. She believes that at the end of the day one good interaction can outweigh any bad interaction. Having the ability to create magic for other guests, even on the roughest of days, can change your attitude tremendously.

As for the future plans, Lindsey still sees a long term future with the Walt Disney Company for the upcoming years. After some time in Pandora, she wants to gain experience in the hotel concierge line of business. Disney’s hotel offerings are widespread, and an amazing way to gain experience in the hospitality industry. Because of Disney work ethics and values, she plans to one day work as an event coordinator for convention centers or arenas in the Orlando area.

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