A Night of Murder and Mystery in Pottle

On November 16 music fraternity Sigma Alpha Iota hosted a mock Murder Mystery Night in Southeastern Louisiana University’s Pottle music building.

The event began at 7:30 p.m. after the attendees were divided into female groups of two or three. Abigail Shallin, overseer of the event, explained to everyone that a student by the name of Ophelia had been murdered in Pottle, and the six suspects of the crime were located throughout the building. She continued that each group was to try and discover who committed Ophelia’s murder as well as the room where the crime occurred within one hour.

Members of SAI were dressed up as current music professors at Southeastern such as Dr.Rowe and Dr.Bersharse, the founder of Southeastern’s music program Ralph Pottle, and the ghost of Ophelia. Each character answered questions asked by the groups concerning the recent murder and gave hints to any suspicious behavior they had recently witnessed. Ophelia’s ghost, played by member Kayla Flenniken, lurked around the building during the event, occasionally giving any participating girls a scare.

After time ran out, the groups returned back to the Room 151 and submitted their chosen suspect based on the clues they had collected. Abigail announced that Professor Glen J. Hemberger, played by SAI President Taylor Garrett, was the culprit who murdered Ophelia in the choir room. The winning group who guessed correctly was awarded with $10 Starbucks gift cards.

Shallin said the main goal of the mystery night was to recruit new members and was inspired by the rumors of a ghost that haunts Pottle. She continued that because SAI is a new organization, not many music majors know it exists. Vice-President Rachel Davis confirmed she hoped it would be “a solid event where everyone can feel our sisterhood”. She also said the next interest meeting will be at the beginning of the spring semester.

Both women confirm Sigma Alpha Iota is an all-female fraternity that was declared an official chapter on April 25, 2015. Members are required to have 2.5 GPA, be at least a second semester freshmen, and have taken a music class at Southeastern.

SAI also strives to reach outside Southeastern’s campus and help the Hammond community. The group has recently sang at nursing homes and worked for Tangi Academy, an arts focused charter school. They have also helped in local high school honor choir auditions as well as the National Association of Teaching of Singing.

Davis says this music fraternity is a unique group, and has “a social feel in a professional atmosphere”; therefore, making it “the best of both worlds.” Shallin says that the sisterhood and social connections are her favorite part of being a member. She has run into members from other chapters multiple times and says her chapter has “been there for me through a lot.”

Any female interested in joining SAI should contact Davis through her e-mail at rachel.davis-3@selu.edu. The recruitment process for this organization will be held the end of January and according to Davis, all eligible ladies are welcome.

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Source Information

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