A Clean Up Bill Presented

[Baton Rouge] On March 20, Senator Fred H. Mills presented senate bill 145 which deletes references to support and services centers and employment service programs within the Department of Health and Hospitals that no longer exist. There are three support centers in Louisiana that are in operation. There was a set of technical amendments that was adopted.
“There are three support centers in Louisiana that are no longer in operation, and to avoid confusion about what has been published on the internet, the centers have been closed” , stated by Senator Mills.
The Bill was amended and moved favorably.

Senator Mills also presented senate bill 235 that also deals with the Department of Health and Hospital that requires the parish and municipals to identify the funds received from and other source other than the state dedicated or used to provide health care and to report its findings annually to the legislature

Senator Nevers raised the question what if they had other funds that they could used to draw down a map for the parish that might not be dedicated to health care at this time? But a parish may like to contribute later into helping keep the hospital going.

This bill was also moved favorably.

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