A cherished home

Since the winter time is here, so is the cold weather. While families crank up the heater, Hayes Lange lights the fireplace. Lange, resident of Lacombe, says that he does things differently than most families. Hayes and his wife Eura have been living in the same house he built in 1975. He has had many family gatherings, raised their only son, and also celebrated many holidays in this house.

Lange’s fireplace Photo taken by Kiara Atlow

Not too many people in my town let alone now-a-days have old fashion fireplaces. I have seen the electric ones and even ones that are gas but nothing that is decades old, Lange says.

When the winter time approaches Lange and his son Everett splits firewood and haul it with a wheel borrow inside the house. He does this about once to twice a week depending on how cold it gets.

“The only downfall about having a fireplace is that it does not warm up the entire house like an electric heater.” Lange went on to say that growing up his father was a big influence on his life. He and his mother also had a fireplace, raised chickens, and even planted a, every season. He wanted to carry out these same elements into Everett’s life and also his own.


Mrs. Lange said, “The good thing is we never have to buy eggs and majority of vegetables, like green beans, carrots, greens, okra, and tomatoes.” Having a fireplace saves on the energy, and having a garden saves on food cost. Even it takes more time and labor, Mr. Lange enjoys it. Besides gardening, fishing is his favorite hobby. So another thing that he incorporated into his yard was a pond. In his spare time, he feeds the turtles and fishes in his pond.

“While most families watch cable television, play video games, and race cars, our fun was roasting marshmallows and hot dogs by the fire place, fishing, hunting, and raising animals. It wasn’t until I got older and got my own place did I do things more modern. But I still to this day help out my father in the yard or my mother in the kitchen,” Everett says. Now Everett has picked up the hobby of fishing and just recently bought and remodeled a new boat. 

Photo taken by Everett Lange

Mr. Lange says that one day he wants to sell his home and build something much smaller but his wife certainly disagrees. “I’ve been in this home for so long it would so hard to let it go,” She says. This home is not just cherished for its features but for what it has done for them mentally and emotionally.  They have survived numerous hurricanes in this home (having to elevate and remodel three times).


Random surgery of 50 people (wood fire place or central heat?)

Survey conducted in Hammond from 11/19-11/22.

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