A backwards policy

Some students think the current parking policy is unfair. The rule requiring all students not to back into a parking space has left many having to pay a $25 fine.

The University Police Department’s parking enforcement officials are administering citations to anyone who disregards university parking policy. Parking supervisor, George Giron, of the Southeastern Louisiana University Police Department says, “Parking enforcement is sent out everyday to check for violations on campus.”

Joshua Magee, computer science and technology major, says, “I’ve been ticketed once for parking backwards when I was a freshman. Their rules and regulations are ridiculous.”

Officer Giron says students who attempt to appeal a ticket for parking backwards by stating he/she was unaware of the policy will still have to pay the fine. He says, “The rules are there for everyone to see and the responsibility for all to learn.” Psychology Major, Kelsey Odom says, “I don’t think it’s a fair ticket.” Kelsey was issued a ticket for parking backwards her first semester of school. “We are loosing teachers and funds to departments but they get golf carts and ticket financially unstable students for parking backwards,” Kelsey said.

Officer Giron encourages students, faculty, and staff to read the University rules and regulations in order to avoid an unnecessary parking citation.  For more information on campus parking policy visit http://www.selu.edu/admin/police/assets/2010-2011_Parking_Re.pdf

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