40th Strawberry Jubilee Is Held After One Year Break.

Zachary Rogers, Coordinator of Leadership and Success, said that this year’s Strawberry Jubilee had around 20 booths and three entertainment venues, including performers on stilts. He estimated that the event saw more than a few hundred visitors.

(HAMMOND, La.) After going on hiatus last year, the annual Strawberry Jubilee celebration returned to campus sporting a “Let the Good Times Roll” theme.

The April 14 event was held in the Student Union Ballroom due to rain concerns and featured Jubilee staples such as games, entertainment and free food.  Zachary Rogers, Coordinator of Leadership and Success, believed that more than a few hundred attendees participated in the event.

Rogers was pleased with the impact the in-person event had on students.

“I loved seeing student’s reactions to this event, because our freshman who have never really seen in-person events at Southeastern yet, saw this event, and it blew them out the water, in terms of just how awesome in-person events can be,” Rogers said. “I’m glad we’re getting back to that stage.”

Marissa Fontenelle, an accounting major, was one such freshman.

“I thought the event was really good,” Fontenelle said. “I think it was a great way to get out of this bad weather that we’re having. It was fun to interact with all of the students and the games that they had.”

Brendan Daigle, Interim Coordinator for SGA and a volunteer at Strawberry Jubilee, assured students that in-person events are always part of the plan, if possible.

“This is traditionally an in-person event, and because some of the restrictions have let up a little bit, if there’s a possibility to give students in-person events, we really want to,” Daigle said.

One new addition to the springtime festivity was the presence of a vaccine clinic in the War Memorial part of the Student Union, where testing and vaccine administration were available.

60th Miss Southeastern, Lily Gayle, was present for the cake-cutting ceremony at Strawberry Jubilee.  She believes the vaccine clinic helped to improve the atmosphere of the event.

“It shows how well we’ve progressed, not only as a university, but as a state as well,” Gayle said. “It opens up a new door for students to realize, ‘oh, wait a second, we’re one step closer to finally getting some type of normality back.’”

Gayle stressed the importance of keeping traditions such as Strawberry Jubilee alive.

“As we age out of college and we get jobs, more generations are going to come through Southeastern and they’ll learn about the history, but if they don’t learn about the tradition behind why Southeastern is the way it is, then what’s the use of having a college that’s so near and dear to our hearts?” Gayle said.

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