Antioch Lifegroup Brings Life to Southeastern

Antioch Community Church of Baton Rouge will host its  Lifegroup meeting on March 15. The group has been established in Hammond since October 2016. “We just feel like the Lord was leading us to SELU so we started a LifeGroup here,” said Kyle Lux, a Lifegroup leader.

Lux attends Southern Methodist University along with Terrance Alexander, who is also a Lifegroup leader. They traveled to Louisiana during their spring break.

Kyle Lux and Terrance Alexander pose for a picture.

Both church members were on Southeastern’s campus on behalf of Antioch Community Church of Baton Rouge. “I didn’t really trust in God. I became saved later on in life and I believe that this church has saved me,” said Alexander.

Southeastern students have found encouragement and exhortation from the Antioch community. Madeline Sylvia, a freshman at Southeastern, has been apart of the Antioch community since October. “I love the rich community

Antioch church logo which is located on their twitter.

that it has introduced me to. I have met some of the most amazing people because of it,” Sylvia said.

Antioch Community Church is a mission-based church working to spread the Word of God to all who will listen. It’s been established since 1999 by Jimmy Seibert in Waco, Texas. The church has thousands of groups across the country. Southeastern’s Lifegroup consists of 10-15 people that come together to worship God and give encouragement to each other and those they encounter.

“Members of the church have been so welcoming. When I came to college, I had a lot of questions about life, faith, and spirituality. The church answered my questions in an authentic way,” said Lux.

The Lifegroup meets every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m in different locations on campus. 

“I enjoy the sense of community the church has and how authentic the people are,” said Alexander.

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