Live-action Beauty and the Beast arouses sense of nostalgia in long time fans

25 years after the first release of the much lauded Beauty and the Beast, Disney studios is releasing a live-action version of the movie starring Emma Watson.

According to a survey on, people are anticipating its release with 90.6 percent of respondents planning to see the 2017 version.

Lovers of the first film worry about the movie staying close to its roots, which showcased a rare kind of princess.  “I loved how belle was a non-conventional Disney princess at the time. She loved to read she wanted more than her just living a normal life and being a trophy wife,” said an anonymous respondent. One respondent agreed, saying, “I liked how independent Belle was and her uniqueness within her village.”

Nostalgia seems to be a large driver of interest, with 96.9 percent having seen the original film and 100 percent being a fan of classic Disney films. “Most people who were young when the original movie came out are really going to see this, because this is the first time in their lives where these graphics are possible,” said Branna Owens, a senior at Southeastern. Another respondent in the anonymous survey said, “It’s nostalgic for me because I watched it when I was young. I like the story and the characters.”

With the film’s debut being a mere eight days away, the highly anticipated release will be sure to rouse fond memories in its original fans.

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