Artists weigh in on Voodoo

This weekend over 50 different artists performed on the various stages at the Voodoo Music and Arts Experience. The acts performing were just as varied as the people attending their shows. From legendary rock acts such as Ozzy Osbourne and Jane’s Addiction, electronic acts like Duke Dumont and Jack U, to everything in between.

Veridia Performing at Voodoo

Veridia Performing at Voodoo

Every artist in attendance had their own reasons for being there, and different reasons for why they enjoyed playing Voodoo.

A Nashville based band called Veridia played the Carnival stage on Saturday. This was their second time playing Voodoo, and they said that they enjoy playing the festival so much because of its unique energy.

“The cool part of this festival in particular is obviously that it’s on Halloween weekend every year,” said Veridia lead vocalist Deena Jakoub. ” I think that it’s just amazing because there’s no excuses, no inhibitions. Everyone just comes dressed however they want to. They just come to party and come together through music. I think that’s one of my favorite parts is to be able to experience that together.”

The Joy Formidable by Josh Brasted for Livenation

The Joy Formidable at Voodoo. Photo by Josh Brasted for Livenation

Some bands even traveled from other countries to play to the people of New Orleans this weekend. One such band was The Joy Formidable, an alternative rock band from northern Wales.

“This is the first festival we’ve ever played in New Orleans,” said Ritzy Bryan, The Joy Formidable’s lead vocalist.  “I think it’s exactly what we imagined. The people here are warm, charismatic, and a little bit kooky and we love that.  We’ve had a great festival, and we always have a great time playing here. I was also enjoying looking out and seeing all of the costumes”

“I also hardly saw anyone on their cell phones,” said Joy Formidable guitarist Rhydian Dafydd. “That was cool to us because they were in the moment, and they were having a good listen.”

Other artist’s favorite part of the festival didn’t necessarily have to do with the music at all. Vocalist and guitarist Kat Bjelland of Babes in Toyland said she was looking forward to taking time out of a busy tour schedule to see family.

Babes in Toyland Performing. Photo by Josh Brasted

Babes in Toyland Performing. Photo by Josh Brasted

“I like playing festivals, but I’m most looking forward to seeing my son really soon,” said Bjelland. “I flew him in from Minneapolis, so I’m excited to spend time with him here.”

Photos and highlights of these, and other Voodoo artists past and present, can be found on or on The Voodoo Experience’s twitter page.

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