Voodoo: music, madness and mud

New Orleans held its annual Voodoo Music Festival this past Halloween weekend at City Park. Acts including Florence and the Machine, Modest Mouse, Jack U, Girl Talk and Ozzy Osbourne were among numerous bands that played for the thousands of attendees.

Despite the persistent rain, muddy grounds and flash flood warnings, the event was in full swing the first two days of the festival. Unfortunately, the last day was canceled in order to ensure the safety of all attendees.

“I’m pretty bumbed it was canceled. We had a lot of fun Saturday night running through the mud. I think it still could have gone on today,” Mallory Wiseman, attendee of the festival, said.

Voodoo attendees, Emily Leblanc, Mallory Wiseman, Kiersten Smith, Taylor Morgan and Lauren LaPorte, enjoying Voodoo on the Friday night.

Voodoo attendees and New Orleans locals Emily Leblanc, Mallory Wiseman, Kiersten Smith, Taylor Morgan and Lauren LaPorte, enjoy Voodoo Friday night.

The weather stayed clear all day Friday so attendees were able to sit, relax and walk around without worrying about staying dry. Vendors began selling as early as 10:30 a.m. with a bigger crowd trickling in around 2 p.m. The night did not end until 11 p.m. when Florence and the Machine finished their set.

“Tonight was great. Florence and the Machine was the main band that I wanted to see, and they were amazing. This is my first Voodoo, and I’m so happy they were one of the bands I got to see, and I’m even happier that the weather held up,” Shelbe Castro, attendee of the festival, said.

There festival had four stages that artists performed on throughout the day at City Park. Music lovers bumped from stage to stage throughout the day in order to catch as many bands as they could. Other features of the festival included amusement rides, art tents, gift shops, bars, beer gardens, wine tastings and food vendors.

“The food is probably my favorite part about Voodoo. My favorite this year was the seafood bread bowl from Cartozzo’s. That was worth the money,” Gerald Brathberry, attendee of the festival, said.

Attendees enjoying the amusement rides at Voodoo Festival.

Attendees enjoy the amusement rides at Voodoo Festival.

On Halloween day, attendees were eager to show off their holiday spirit by roaming around in costume such as zombies, aliens, witches and Star Wars characters. Despite the bad weather, attendees still went all out with their hair and makeup.

“One unique costume I saw at Voodoo this weekend was this man high up on stilts, dancing. He came up to the bar I was working at and entertained all of us working. It was great,” Mckensey Lynch, vendor at the festival, said.

Despite the weather and last day cancellation, the attendees were in high spirits the first two days.

“I’ll come back next year no matter what. I won’t let the rain stop me from buying tickets again,” Lauren LaPorte, attendee, said.

Below is a video taken of the extravagant costumes at Voodoo Festival. 

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