10 Years Post Hurricane Katrina: Has New Orleans Evolved?

HURRICANE KATRINA – still hunts the lives of millions of people to this day. Whether you were there while the tragedy took place or you were watching from the television screen, everyone was impacted by this powerful storm on August 28, 2005.

“I will never forget hurricane Katrina! I remember waking up one early morning to the news in New Orleans and just sitting there in disbelief, thinking how the entire city was going to be under water in just 2 days, said New Orleans resident O’brien Barnes. Being from Louisiana, I even thought this was just going to be a regular hurricane that was going to just pass with slight damage. I was totally wrong. It went from a category 3 to 5 real quick. The reason I’m here in Albuquerque today 10 years later, believe it or not is because of Hurricane Katrina. I believe it made my family closer in that time of need and showed me how precious life is. I’m feeling optimistic and thankful even when faced with such a hardship.”

The people of New Orleans were displaced in a number of cities all across America. The aftermath of the storm made many New Orleans Natives were a bit hesitant to return to the city.

“It’s not the same. I see no positive change for the city I once called home. I pray that the rebuilding efforts are a success. But as of now I see no change”, said New Orleans Native Cathy Miller, She was displaced from New Orleans to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

There were some positive changes for the city. The city’s murder rate reportedly dropped four percent post Katrina and Mayor Mitch Landrieu followed by other community leaders said things are getting better for the “crescent” city. Although there are many who have disagreed, the people of New Orleans are positive in the triumphant return of their city.

During the 10th Annual Commemoration of Post Hurricane Katrina hosted by former Mayor Marc H. Morial, President Barrack Obama and community leaders alike gathered at the Hyatt Hotel in New Orleans to reflect and speak on the positive changes the city has undergone and the future changes that are in the making.

The President spoke about the aftermath of the storm, “The project of rebuilding here wasn’t just to rebuild the city as it had been, but to rebuild the city as it should be” says President Obama. It has been 10 years since the devastation, but the community of New Orleans is striving hard to rebuild to even greater heights in hopes of creating a better city, life, and home for the residents in New Orleans, LA.




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