The Spanish Moon giving helping hands to touring bands

Halfway through the second band’s set at the Spanish Moon in Baton Rouge Saturday, Paws’ frontman Phillip Taylor said, “We have no money to get to our next spot on tour, or to find a place to stay tonight. If you know of a place, we’d really appreciate it if you would let us know. We haven’t slept or eaten anything today, so please bear with us.”
Several songs later, mid performance, an employee of the Spanish Moon placed an entire pizza from Domino’s on the stage. Paws then awarded the venue by playing the fan-favorite song, “Get Bent.”
After Flashlights, Paws and Total Slacker were finished playing, a member of the Spanish Moon audience made an open invitation to their houme for all the performers that evening.
“We all got a couple invitations, but this person has enough room for all of us, and they have a hot tub. So that’s hard to pass up,” said Total Slacker’s guitarist Tucker Rountree. According to Flashlights’ bassist, Will Powell, each of the bands made the most of their tours despite financial difficulty.
“We all have the same booking agent; we’ve had a lot of fun playing together,” said Powell. “But no matter how great a few nights are, there’s no telling how you’ll end up somewhere far down the road.”
The crowd response to the actual show was positive.

Paws performing at the Spanish Moon in Baton Rouge.was positive.
“That was really awesome. It was better than I thought it was going to be,” said audience member Gaige Nicolosi. “I wouldn’t have known anything was wrong if they hadn’t said anything.”
Spanish Moon employees encouraged patrons to support the artists by purchasing their merchandise.


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