Your Guide to Travel is Here!

People will be scanning the globe for the most alluring travel destinations and most exotic hot spots as Spring Break and graduation quickly approach. When planning any vacation or travel experience, the first thing to consider is what you most want to get out of the trip. A SoutheasternU Reporter poll of 55 respondents found […]

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Southeastern U Reporter seeking St. Patrick’s Day adventure story

We are writers for the Southeastern U Reporter interested in writing a story about St. Patrick’s Day. We are looking for responses about St. Patrick’s Day activities, as well as stories from students that have traveled to Ireland. We would like to know what your experience was like there and what you did on your […]

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Vacation Relation website introduces travelers from around the world through social networking

Vacation Relation is a website that answers a simple question: Who will be at your vacation? It is designed to help travelers know who will be in the area that they are traveling to. Its tagline reads “Socialize your vacation.” Travelers can search an upcoming destination and time frame in a database to introduce them […]

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