Students struggle to make decisions in Election 2012

In what turned out to be a close race for president in 2012, many students found themselves confused prior to Election Day Tuesday on which candidate would best suit them. According to, 49.5 percent of those who turned out … Continue reading

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Amendments on the Nov. 6 election ballot not covered by media

photo credit: Cheril Nathaniel

Voters walked up to their stations over the past weeks to be greeted by more than just names to choose from. Every election season, separate states place constitutional amendment options on the ballot for citizens to vote on. Many citizens … Continue reading

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Election 2012: Amendment 2


  Hammond, LA – The 2012 election was held Tuesday. Meanwhile, Louisiana voters also voted to decide whether or not to adopt a Constitutional Amendment that the Louisiana Constitution has the right to bear arms and express power of the … Continue reading

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Jindal’s persona, not politics, wins over students

Hammond – Seeking re-election for a second term as Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal just had to kick back and wait to see how large his margin of victory would be. Jindal finished with 65.8 percent of the votes, well past … Continue reading

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